• Objective: Modernisation and development of an extensive back office system
  • Industry: Property
  • Technologies: Angular, Java
  • Project duration: 6 months

Business Link is a platform for booking work and business meeting space

Skanska Group’s Business Link offering is mainly aimed at companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers who need access to professional work and business meeting spaces. The Business Link platform allows the booking of offices, meeting rooms and coworking spaces.

Working together on the “Business_Link” project was a challenge for us. Our task was to take over a huge back office system (an internal platform for employees) from a previous vendor who left no technical documentation or guidance on its operation. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our developers, we were able to conduct a system analysis and prepare a design that met the partner’s expectations.

Our cooperation was long and demanding through which it also became incredibly rewarding. Working with Business Link, we have had the chance to prove that our experience and expertise can bring significant benefits to clients who need support in creating and growing their business.

What have we done?



Technologies used in the project

Access Control System (ACS)

One of the most important steps was to upgrade the integration with the access control system. The architecture was redesigned to make future integrations with new ACS systems less time-consuming and costly. This remodeling has increased efficiency and optimized the process of booking and accessing rooms, desks and meeting rooms for Bussines Link clients. Automated bookings simplify the process of managing and conducting business meetings and allow for easy planning and organization.

Business Link miejsce do pracy

Maintenance and optimization

We have also engaged in non-design work in software development and maintenance.


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