• Objective: Development of a training platform using modern online communication tools
  • Industry: Fitness
  • Technologies: Vue.js i Symfony
  • Project duration: 4 months

Online training platform

The subject of the case study is working with a start-up that commissioned us to create its own training platform. It was intended to allow trainers to conduct paid video training sessions for clients.


Our main challenge was to create mechanisms for online audio/video communication, which will be the main working tool for users of the platform. In addition, our task was to develop all the functional and technical assumptions of the platform, as well as the visual design.


We started our cooperation with a dedicated workshop, during which we discussed all expectations in detail, analyzed the required functionalities and defined the assumptions for the platform. We created an implementation plan, budget and timeline for the project, then presented it to the client and together we selected the best solutions needed to get the project up and running quickly.


The project took four months from concept to implementation of the finished solution.

The project team consisted of 9 people, and within 16 sprints we managed to implement a full range of functionality for the platform.

We went to work using the Vue.js framework for the frontend and Symfony for the backend. Audio-Video-Communication is based on a framework that allows online meetings, which was implemented natively into the platform.

We also created a dedicated currency – Fitcoin, through which users can pay for classes and purchase packages of their choice. On the private profile, customers have access to training history, recharges and transactions and can also activate discount coupons.

We have implemented a system that allows trainers to maintain their own profiles, where you can learn more about the scope of their classes, experience, achievements and interests.While working on the project, we paid special attention to quality control to ensure the best possible user experience.


Thanks to our support, the client received a complete platform with implemented functionalities, ensuring its effective operation. Our product allowed us to test ideas and gain users by providing an attractive and functional online training site.

What have we done?

Fitme - dedykowana platforma do treningów online - o aplikacji


Technologies used in the project

View of the advanced training filtering panel

On the Fitme platform, we have created an intuitive category filtering solution that will allow users to quickly find the workouts they want. With this tool, anyone will be able to find workouts that match their level of expertise, preferred type of physical activity or the goal they want to achieve.

Fitme - dedykowana platforma do treningów online - wyszukiwarka
Fitme - dedykowana platforma do treningów online - trenerzy

Trainer selection panel

We implemented a solution that allows trainers to create and maintain their own profiles. This gives clients access to detailed information about the trainer’s range of classes, experience, achievements and interests. This solution helps streamline the process of selecting the right trainer and allows easier contact between trainer and client.

Settlement model based on virtual currency

We created a dedicated currency – Fitcoin, which platform users can use to pay for classes and selected packages. In addition, we have introduced integration with a payment system on the platform, which allows for even faster and safer transactions.

Fitme - dedykowana platforma do treningów online - pakiety
Fitme - panel logowania

Login and registration view

On the training platform, we have introduced a convenient and intuitive login and registration panel, which has been divided for both users and trainers. This makes it easy and quick for anyone to create an account by selecting the appropriate profile. The two panels have different functionalities that are tailored to the needs of each role.

User Profile

The user panel will allow users to easily search for and book training classes with the ability to schedule future activities, track training history, access training materials and communicate with the trainer.

Fitme - dedykowana platforma do treningów online - interfejs użytkownika

Trainer profile

The trainer’s dashboard allows full interaction with online class participants to better understand clients’ needs and expectations and customize training plans.

With convenient tools, trainers have the ability to easily schedule workouts, monitor the progress of their participants, and give them advice and guidance on a regular basis.

Supplementary subpages

We have created a “How it works” tab to help users easily join the service. Thanks to it, new users can easily and quickly understand the principles of our service and take full advantage of its functionality.

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