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  • Objective: Development of a dedicated reservation system and website
  • Industry: Sport
  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
  • Project duration: 2 months from the start of implementation

Scope of the project

Creation of a dedicated reservation system and website for the largest squash center in Poland.

What have we done?

Hasta La Vista WWW


Technologie wykorzystane w projekcie

The whole site is adapted for mobile

Hasta La Vista is a booking system that we created with our client’s needs in mind. One of the important requirements was to provide users with easy and convenient access to the system from mobile devices. The entire site has been customized for mobile so that reservations can be made easily and quickly from any location and device. Thanks to the fact that the entire site is responsive, users can use all the functionality of the reservation system regardless of whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Wybieranie terminu - system rezerwacyjny Hasta La Vista
Funkcjonalności systemu rezerwacyjnego Hasta La Vista

Booking process made according to the best UX/UI guidelines

Hasta La Vista’s booking process has been designed according to the best UX/UI guidelines to ensure the best possible user experience. Step by step, users are guided through the entire booking process in an intuitive and user-friendly manner. First, the user selects the date and number of guests he is interested in. The system then takes him to a list of available offers for that date. The offers are presented in a clear manner, with easy-to-understand descriptions and photos, which makes selection and decision-making easier. After selecting an offer, the user is guided through a short registration process, which is also user-friendly. All the user has to do is enter basic information such as name, email address and phone number to make a reservation. Finally, the user is redirected to the payment page, which is also UX/UI optimized. The payment process is easy and transparent, and the user can choose from a number of available payment options.

Using UX/UI best practices, Hasta La Vista’s booking process is simple, user-friendly and allows the user to make a booking quickly and easily, without unnecessary complications.

Customers are able to register for tournaments and track results

Hasta La Vista’s reservation system is designed to provide the best possible customer service. One of the features that sets the system apart is the ability to sign up for tournaments and track results. This gives users the chance to increase their motivation and commitment to using the platform.


The site of the entire squash center has several main sections and dozens of subpages

The squash center’s website is an elaborate design that consists of several main sections and dozens of sub-pages. All sections are designed for easy navigation and intuitive movement through the site. Each section has its own unique character and offers rich content, related to a particular category. Among the main sections on the squash center’s website we can find information about the club, coaches, training offer, tournament calendar, photo gallery and contact form. Each of these sections has its own sub-pages, where you can find detailed information about the category.

With extensive sections and rich content, users of the site can find a wealth of information about the club and its activities. In addition, the site’s ease of navigation and clear layout make it easy to navigate the site and find the information they need.

Tworzenie systemu rezerwacyjnego dla Hasta La Vista
Projektowanie systemów rezerwacyjnych - Hasta La Vista

More than 100 courts required a very specific approach to the booking process

A very simple and intuitive interface has been implemented that allows users to easily select courts and available dates, and allows them to make reservations in a variety of ways – through the mobile app, website or directly on-site. In addition, a flexible booking approach has also been introduced that allows users to modify or cancel reservations in case of changing schedules or other unexpected events. All of these functionalities have helped create a unique booking experience for users.

News can appear in many places in blocks on the site

The “Events” subpage, allows publishing information on the most important events that are related to the theme. In this way, users can learn the latest information on scheduled tournaments, new court openings and other important events. One of the key features of the “Events” sub-page is that this information can be displayed in various places on the site, allowing users to easily access the latest news and events related to the world of sports.

This is a very convenient solution for users, who do not have to look for information about events on the “Events” subpage, but can easily find the latest information in different places on the site.

Hasta La Vista – dedykowany system rezerwacyjny
Systemy rezerwacji - Hasta La Vista

The complex price list is fully customizable

The price list created is fully customizable, which means that you can adjust it to your individual needs and or emerging changes. Thus, you can define individual parameters, such as prices per hour, length of booking, or discounts for regular customers. In addition, the customizability of the price list also means that it is easy to update in the event of a change in terms and conditions or pricing policies. You can make changes to the price list quickly and easily, without needing the help of a specialist.

Each employee has his or her own dedicated profile

Thanks to the dedicated profiles, clients and site users are able to see the employee’s profile before making a reservation or using services. The employee’s profile includes information about his or her experience, qualifications, specialization and photos of projects on which he or she has worked. This allows clients to get to know the instructor in detail before making a decision.

Each dedicated employee profile also makes it easy to manage availability, so you can quickly see if he or she is on a particular date. The profile can also include information about working hours, phone number, email and other contacts.

System rezerwacyjny Hasta La Vista
Dedykowany system rezerwacyjny

There are several types of bookings in the system

There are various types of bookings available in the system, which allow different sports services to be booked. These include squash, table tennis, badminton and fitness. Each of these booking types is available in a separate module of the system, allowing customers to book a suitable court or exercise room quickly and easily. For squash and table tennis, the system allows booking a specific court at a specific time. As for fitness, an exercise room can be booked with equipment availability or with a personal trainer.

With this solution, customers can easily and quickly book the services they are interested in and the Hasta La Vista team can effectively manage the availability of courts and exercise rooms.

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