• Objective: Creating a reservation system for an unmanned gym
  • Industry: Sport
  • Technologies: Java, React, Angular, PHP
  • Project duration: 3 months to MVP

Modern gym without service

The system was designed to enable a gym with no stationary staff, and it succeeded! Access to the gym is controlled through facial recognition locks or QR codes, and users who have access pay and book services through the mobile app. It also serves as a hub for communication with staff and trainers, nutritionists.

What have we done?


Technologie wykorzystane w projekcie

System shows on timeline which hours are available

On the I-GYM platform, the system shows on the timeline which hours are available, making it easier to schedule workouts for users. This makes it easy for users to see which hours are free and book them for their workouts. The system automatically updates the availability of hours in real time, based on bookings made by other users, which keeps the information up-to-date and helps avoid booking conflicts. Such functionality makes the platform easier to use and allows for better utilization of available resources.

System administrators can remind customers that it's worth doing a workout

On the I-GYM platform, system administrators have the ability to send reminders to customers to do a workout. With this functionality, administrators can keep in touch with customers and motivate them to use the platform regularly. Reminders can be sent in a variety of ways, such as push notifications or emails, depending on user preference. This ensures that users do not forget about their workouts, which has a positive impact on their progress and motivation.

Book several services and pay for them conveniently

Booking services at IGYM is very simple – just select the classes or workouts you are interested in, and then match a convenient date and time. With the option to book several services at once, users can easily arrange their training schedule without having to repeatedly book individual classes.

Once booked, IGYM users can easily pay for their services using various payment options. The platform allows online payments that are fast, convenient and secure.

Po dokonaniu rezerwacji, użytkownicy IGYM mogą w łatwy sposób opłacić swoje usługi, korzystając z różnych opcji płatności. Platforma umożliwia płatność online, które są szybkie, wygodne i bezpieczne.

Gym access control is done through facial identification or a generated QR code

Gym access control is an important issue that ensures user safety and protection against unauthorized access to the facility. In the IGYM platform, access control is done through facial identification or a generated QR code.

To ensure security, each user of the IGYM platform must have a profile with full details, including information about their appearance and a photo of their face. As a result, when entering the gym, the user must go through a facial identification process to have access to the facility.

An alternative option for access control is to generate a QR code, which the user receives at the time of booking the service. Upon arriving at the gym, the user can scan the QR code with a special reader to gain access to the facility. Access control via facial identification or QR code provides quick and convenient verification of users, while allowing to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to the facility.

A place for news has also been created in the application, updated in a convenient and easy-to-use CMS

A space for news has been created in the IGYM application, which allows users to be informed about the latest events, changes in the schedule of classes, promotions or other relevant information. To enable quick and easy entry of news, a simple and intuitive-to-use CMS (content management system) was created, which allows adding, editing and deleting information.

As a result, any gym employee or trainer can easily enter the latest information into the system and then share it with IGYM app users.

Users can pay in the app via credit card, as well as online payment gateways

In the I-GYM app, the user can pay for the gym’s services in a simple and convenient way. Two payment options are available to the user – credit card and online payment gateways. Credit card payments are processed through a payment processor that ensures the security of the transaction. Online payments are processed through the payment platforms selected by the gym, which gives the user the freedom to choose the preferred form of payment.

The communication center between customer and service is very simple and intuitive

In the I-GYM application, the customer-support communication center has been designed in a simple and intuitive way, making it easy for users to contact support and solve problems. Various options are available in the customer panel, such as sending messages, inquiries and reporting technical problems. All of these functionalities are easily accessible and transparent, allowing users to quickly and efficiently resolve any problems.

The designs are done according to the best UX principles so that the user immediately knows what and where in the application

I-GYM is an application that has been designed according to UX principles, which allows users to use its functionality easily and intuitively. Designing according to these principles has positively influenced the app’s appearance, which is modern and attractive, as well as functional. As a result, users immediately know what and where they are, which has contributed to their positive user experience. Designing according to UX principles is an important element for any application, which affects user satisfaction and willingness to use the application.

Notifications are a good thing, but it's also good to have the option to turn them off

I-GYM allows users to receive notifications regarding new offers, schedule updates or payment reminders, among other things. However, to give users more freedom in using the app, IGYM also allows users to turn off notifications. This allows users who want to use the app without receiving notifications to do so.

"It should also be emphasized that the team can listen to the voice of the customer"

Jacek Strach

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