Mindbox - strona internetowa zaprojektowana przez Appwise


  • Objective: Development of a corporate website
  • Industry: Technology
  • Technologies: JavaScript, PHP, WordPress
  • Project duration: 6 weeks from start to implementation

Integration with ATS system and custom template

Our task was to accurately reproduce the advanced graphic design created by our partner. An additional functionality was the comprehensive integration of the new corporate websites with the recruitment system (ATS).

What have we done?

Wersja desktopowa Mindbox


Technologies used in the project

Modern design is the work of our partners - InTheSky

The modern design of the Mindbox website is the work of our partners – the interactive agency InTheSky. It was they who created the original graphic design, on the basis of which a custom WordPress template was coded. As a result, Mindbox can boast a modern and attractive design of its website, which attracts the attention of visitors and presents the company in a professional and thoughtful manner.

Mindbox -
Usługi Mindbox - sekcja na stronie stworzonej przez Appwise

The company has many services

Mindbox is a group of IT companies that offers a wide variety of services related to the technology industry, such as custom software development, design and implementation of IT systems, outsourcing of IT services, technology consulting, and implementation and integration of new solutions.

The company's area of operation is impressive!

The company offers its services to the domestic and international markets, working with clients from various industries and sectors. As a result, Mindbox boasts a wealth of experience in implementing projects of different scope and scale, as well as a wide range of competencies and skills that allow it to provide innovative and effective solutions for its clients.

Mapa na korporacyjnej stronie internetowej Mindbox
Newsletter na stronie m

Signing up for the newsletter is now a must

The company is committed to regular communication with its customers and to sharing its knowledge and experience in new technologies and industry trends. That’s why Mindbox offers the opportunity to sign up for its newsletter, which contains the latest news and information related to the company’s operations and the world of technology.

Custom ATS integration module. This allows job ads to be exchanged between the ATS and the website

We wanted the highest possible efficiency and automation in the recruitment process. Therefore, we created for MindBox a custom integration module with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Thanks to our module, job advertisements posted on the MindBox website are automatically synchronized with the ATS system. In this way, candidate applications are instantly uploaded to the ATS system, and the entire recruitment process becomes even more automated and efficient

Mindworkers - aktualne oferty pracy
Mindbox – korporacyjna strona internetowa

Candidates can apply directly on the website

If you are interested in joining MindBox, you have the opportunity to submit your candidacy directly on the website. With the application form we have created, you can quickly and easily submit your resume and cover letter.

A large number of infographics

With MindBox users in mind, we focused not only on aesthetics, but also on conveying important information in a clear and understandable way. We have prepared a large number of infographics for our users, which allow them to absorb knowledge quickly and effectively.

Mindbox - strona WWW zaprojektowana przez Appwise
Blog Minfbox - dedykowana strona internetowa

Knowledge base

We also took care to provide valuable knowledge for our users. Therefore, we have prepared a knowledge base that contains a lot of useful information and advice on the IT industry and professional development. The knowledge base is a collection of articles, tutorials and educational materials. It contains a lot of useful information for programmers, designers, analysts and other IT professionals.

“Their work has been excellent so far."

mind box
Michał Śliwiński
CEO, InTheSky Agency

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