• Objective: Development of two mobile applications that make up the toilet reservation system
  • Industry: Property
  • Technologies: JavaSript, Java, React
  • Project duration: 6 months from start of work to finished product

Complete working system

Our task was to create a complete working system, functional specifications, screen mock-ups, graphic design, two mobile applications (user/owner) and an administration system.

What have we done?

Wybór toalety w systemie rezerwacyjnym Revolet


Technologies used in the project

Customer location and display of nearest toilets for hire

Home page view with easier navigation (contrasting colours, content layout) for the user.

Revolet – dedykowany system rezerwacji toalet
Rezerwacja w systemie Revolet

Routing to the chosen toilet

One of the greatest strengths of this service is the ability to provide a route to the toilet of your choice. This service allows you to easily find toilets in the area and provides convenient and fast navigation to your destination.

The ability to see a toilet's profile, photos and customer reviews

With this option, you can find out detailed information about a particular toilet, such as its location, accessibility, equipment, as well as the state of cleanliness. In addition, you can view photos to get an even better insight into what the toilet looks like and whether it meets your expectations. Customer reviews of the location are also extremely important and can help you make a decision.

Wybór toalety w systemie rezerwacyjnym Revolet
Skanowanie kodu QA w systemie rezerwacji Revolet

Ability to open the toilet door by scanning a QR code

With this solution, Airbnb Toilets REVOLET users no longer have to worry about searching for a key or reporting problems with the lock. All they need to do is scan the QR code found on the toilet door and the door will open by itself. This modern way of opening the toilet door with a QR code is very convenient and easy to use.

Toilet landlord app and current earnings balance

The app allows the landlord to easily manage his toilets. With the app, you can administer rental availability and prices, view bookings and manage your account and payments. In addition, the app allows you to monitor your current earnings balance from toilet rentals.

Burger menu w systemie rezerwacji Revolet
Płatność kartą w systemie rezerwacji Revolet

Integration with the payment system

Integration with Airbnb Toilets REVOLET’s payment system is via an app that allows users to select the appropriate payment method, such as credit card or PayPal. In this way, both users and toilet renters are assured that their transactions are secure and made on time.

In-app notification list

The Notification List in the Airbnb Toilet REVOLET app is a feature that offers users easy and quick notifications of important information related to their toilet rental. With this tool, users have full control over the rental process and can react quickly to any problems or changes.


The notification list displays information about bookings, payments, changes in toilet status and other relevant information related to the use of the Airbnb Toilet REVOLET service. When a user receives a new notification, it will be displayed on the app’s home screen and also as a notification on the mobile device.

Wiadomości w systemie rezerwacji Revolet
Płatność w systemie rezerwacji Revolet

Providing credit card details

To facilitate the payment process and streamline the use of this service, the Airbnb Toilets REVOLET app offers the option to add credit card details to your account. 


Adding credit card details to an Airbnb Toalet REVOLET account allows users to quickly and easily make payments for toilet rentals. Users do not have to enter their credit card details each time they book, making the payment process quicker and easier.  Attaching a credit card to a REVOLET account is not compulsory, but can make the booking process much easier

Logging in to the system for a selected user type

In order to use Airbnb Toilets REVOLET, users must log into the system. There are two types of users who can use the REVOLET app – the renter and the toilet owner. Depending on the user type, the login process and app functionality may vary.

Logowanie w systemie rezerwacji Revolet

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