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What is a Minimum Viable Product?

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a key element in the development of a full solution. An MVP is an initial version of a product that contains a limited set of necessary functionalities, allowing you to test initial assumptions and get initial feedback from customers. Unlike the traditional approach, which is to launch a product without testing it first, an MVP helps prepare for the next steps. We are experienced in handling the entire project - from verifying assumptions, mapping, planning, to building the entire solution from scratch. Our past successes range from developing MVPs for start-ups to more mature companies. MVP benefits both start-ups and more experienced companies.

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What do you gain by creating an MVP?

Saving time and money

By pre-analyzing and vetting your idea, time and money can be saved by focusing on delivering a product that meets the needs of potential customers. Proper planning of future investments and optimized plans is crucial to the success of the project.

Gather valuable feedback

The release of the first version of a product is a key moment in the development process, as it allows you to gather input from users who play a key role in the success of your project. These tips and suggestions are essential for planning further product development according to customer needs. Feedback gives you a more complete insight into user needs and expectations.

Gain knowledge about users

Creating an MVP will give you a clearer understanding of potential customers' needs and behaviors. This will give you the opportunity to identify key functionalities and improvements that will allow you to develop your product according to market needs. You will also be able to optimize your marketing efforts, tailoring them to the requirements and preferences of your audience. This will help you make better decisions and increase the chances of your project's success in the market.

Key features of the MVP


Essential minimum

The MVP is the minimum functional version of the product you want to bring to market.



An MVP is a type of prototype that we present to customers to see if it will meet their expectations.


Main features

The MVP contains only the main features of the final version of the product, and it takes relatively little time and money to create.



The purpose of the MVP is to gather feedback from customers and improve the product.

When is it worth creating an MVP version of a project?

The main aspects to consider are…

Why choose our software house?

Our range of services includes idea verification, prototyping and building a working, basic product (MVP). We provide a comprehensive analysis and carry out the necessary programming work. Together we can implement the MVP in a short time – as little as 6 to 8 weeks.



That’s how many people currently work in the Appwise team.


completed projects

Completed projects in our company, makes us really experienced in delivery software.

How is the cooperation going?

Idea validation

If you’re wondering whether your product idea has a chance of success, it’s a good idea to prepare properly and do research before releasing it to the market. One of the best ways to test the potential of your idea is to test it. For this purpose, we organize workshops where we analyze your business plan and the adaptation of your idea to the market even before it is officially available to customers. With the right tools, we’ll help you see a visualization of your idea and plan a strategy for the way forward.


In the next stage, the development team will estimate the value of your project. The pricing will be broken down into the individual modules that make up the project, along with the hours spent on specific tasks. This will give you the freedom to reduce or expand the scope of the ongoing project.

Project kick-off

From this point on, the Project Manager takes over the collaboration. At this stage you will get to know the entire team that will take care of the implementation of your project.


The last stage before MVP development begins is to create a prototype. We have experience in creating simple but functional prototypes. The purpose of a prototype is to represent your idea in such a way that it can be tested in practice and you can decide the next steps in its development. A prototype is a kind of “template” of a product that will be transformed into a full-scale project in the future.

Development MVP

At the next stage we start coding your project. The software is developed based on Agile methodology. Each project is divided into a series of weekly or bi-weekly sprints. After each sprint, approval is needed to move forward. Each sprint will end with a meeting to present the results of the work done so far.


The next step in the process is testing. Our testers are responsible for ensuring the high quality and reliability of the software. They perform manual and automated tests to make sure the solution is consistent with your vision.

Production Deployment

Deployment is the phase in which the project is deployed to the server specified by the client to be available and visible to end users.

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