If you need to assess the complexity of your application, analyze its functionality, validate your concept and get a more detailed project quote, we encourage you to attend our dedicated product workshops. These are professionally designed sessions led by our experts, which will provide you with the necessary information about the product and allow you to start your project quickly and efficiently.

What do we offer at the product workshop?

Qualified team

Our trained team has extensive knowledge in conducting product workshops and is constantly developing their skills by participating in dedicated training courses. You will work with experienced people who will meticulously analyze your product and guide you through the entire process.

Extensive experience

With years of experience in conducting product workshops, we have gained extensive knowledge of our clients' needs and expectations. We have already conducted many sessions for contractors from different industries and countries, which allows us to effectively analyze the project.

Real benefits

During the workshop, you will not only gain knowledge about the performance of your product, but also receive practical tools and materials to help you further develop your project. Working with our specialists will bring you many benefits, including project acceleration and accurate cost estimation.

Product workshops at Appwise Software House

At Appwise, we offer dedicated product workshops that allow our clients to fully understand the processes of their product. This allows them to gain knowledge about the detailed operation of their system and design a customized development strategy. We care about the quality of our services, so we regularly attend training sessions with best-practice techniques that we use in our meetings. Each workshop consists of four parts and is individually tailored to the client’s needs. Each session includes experienced presenters and technical and business experts.

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What does a product workshop look like?

Purpose of the workshop

The purpose of our product workshop is to familiarize participants with the project concept and detailed business assumptions. The workshop will also discuss the list of functionalities and provide an estimation of the labor intensity of the project.

  • Getting acquainted with the project concept
  • Discussion of functionality and business assumptions
  • Provide an estimate of the labor intensity of the project

1. Introduction

The workshop consists of four parts. The first part is an introduction, during which the business objectives of the project will be presented and the list of functionalities will be discussed. A mock-up of the system, developed user flows and business processes will also be presented.

  • Presenting the concept of the new project
  • Analysis of the project’s business objectives
  • Overview of the list of functionalities
  • Presentation and discussion of mock-ups of the system
  • Development of user flow and business processes

2. Technology

The second part of the workshop is technology. During this part, the architecture of the system and the current elements of the project will be discussed. There will also be a discussion on how to implement the project and possible IT and technology solutions.

  • Discussion of the architecture and current elements of the system
  • Discussion on how to implement and possible IT and technology solutions
  • Preliminary concept of the IT solution

3. Analysis

The third part of the workshop is the analysis, which will be conducted offline and will take about 4 hours. During this part, analysis of the collected material will be carried out and lo-fi functional mock-ups will be prepared (if required). The project will also be divided into functional blocks and modules for implementation. A project analysis document and a project implementation concept will be prepared. Selection of the proposed technology and estimation of functional assumptions will also be made during this part.

  • Analysis of the collected material
  • Preparation of lo-fi functional mockups (if required)
  • Division of the project into functional blocks and modules for implementation
  • Preparation of the project analysis document
  • Preparation of the project implementation concept
  • Selection of the proposed technology
  • Estimation of functional assumptions, preparation of the offer for the implementation of the system

4 Summary

The fourth and final part of the workshop is the summary. During this part, a summary of the work and the overall vision of the project will be made. The materials developed, such as functional modules, scope and technology, will also be discussed. Estimation of the labor intensity of each module and the proposed architecture of the solution will also be presented.

  • Summary of the work and overall vision of the project
  • Discussion of the developed material – functional modules, scope and technology
  • Presentation of the labor intensity of each module
  • Discussion of the proposed solution architecture

Result of the workshop

The outcome of the workshop will be a functional analysis of the project, process analysis, lo-fi mockups (if required) and estimation of the labor intensity of the project.

What are the benefits of product workshops?


You will learn about the performance of your product

During our proprietary product workshops, you will learn in depth how your product works. Together with experienced specialists, you will analyze key processes, so you will explore its functionality and gain valuable insights.


You will verify your idea

During the workshop you will thoroughly analyze your product idea and verify its potential on the market. Together with our team of specialists, you will review the idea from different perspectives and select the most important functionalities that will attract the attention of users and allow you to achieve business success.


You will accelerate the start of the project

At the product workshop you will gather the most important information about your product. This will make it easier for you to prepare an accurate IT specification, which will allow the development team to understand your needs faster and act efficiently. This is an effective tool that will allow you to accelerate the start of your project and increase the chances of its success.

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You will save dozens of hours of work

During our product workshops, you will not only gain valuable insights, but you will also save dozens of hours of work by getting your project right from the start. As a result, you will avoid unnecessary revisions and speed up the implementation of your idea.


You will get a precise quote for the project

By gathering relevant information at the workshop, you will be able to estimate the cost of the project more accurately and determine the realistic time for its implementation. Accurate cost estimation will allow you to better manage your budget and minimize the risk of cost overruns.


You will receive a comprehensive package of materials

After completing the workshop, you will receive a comprehensive package of materials that will be available to you permanently. The package includes, among others, the process documentation developed during the workshop, a detailed project cost estimation and a dedicated technology proposal.

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