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eCommerce Solutions

WooCommerce shops and eCommerce solutions

We specialize in the development of custom online shops and comprehensive solutions based on WooCommerce. When the available subscription stores do not meet your expectations, we can propose a solution that will be tailored for your needs.

Appwise Software House

WooCommerce online shops

Dedicated eCommerce solutions based on WooCommerce. When SaaS solutions do not meet your needs - we will help.

WooCommerce templates

We code ready-made projects for WooCommerce templates, and we also create new ones.

B2B and B2C solutions

We create purchasing platforms dedicated to online sales.

What can we do for you?

Below, you will find the most interesting functionalities that we are oftenly asked to implement. Tell us about your idea or problem - we will try to find the best solution.

Dedicated WooCommerce templates.

If you have your website design ready - we can make it appear on the web. If not, we will help you design one.

Calculators and configurators.

We create dedicated calculators and configurators for your products. Do you need a Photovoltaic configurator? Or maybe a roof tile calculator? We got you covered.

Booking systems.

If your services require a reservation - we will make this process quick and efficient. Customers will be able to book the service, make the payments or receive the invoice directly from your website.

B2B and B2C platforms.

We create dedicated solutions to service your clients. When the sale of your products requires more than subscription store can offer - we will offer you the perfect solution.

API integrations.

We will integrate your systems in one place. Need to link your sales system to a payment gateway or accounting system? We'll take care of it.

e-Learning systems.

We have already created more than one remote learning system that supports various types of customer requirements. Courses, subscription, tests - all of this is familiar to us.

Our clients opinions.

We deliver. This is confirmed by our clients opinions, which you can check on the platform. We treat each client and project individually. You will have a dedicated customer success manager and a developers team at your disposal. Your opinion and satisfaction are important to us.
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HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Twig, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS, Wordpress, WooCommerce - are the main technologies in which we work and in which our teams specialize. When we get to know your needs, we will choose the technology that suit your needs.

Frontend development

We code custom websites and templates for Wordpress according to the designs we get from you or we create them together. For this we most often use: HTML, CSS, SCSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Twig, ReactJS, Angular, VueJS.

Backend development

A working frontend is not enough - we also make sure that your project runs smoothly and quickly in the internet, which is due to the backend of our applications. For this we most often use: PHP, JAVA.

Mobile development

Each project that we work on is mobile device friendly. When you need it, we can create a dedicated mobile application - natively, in Flutter or as a PWA.

Our implementations

JUSKY – WooCommerce shop and website

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URBAN GROUP – modern e-commerce on a limited budget

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WooCommerce shop with a lens configurator

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