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Mobile Development

We create iOS and Android mobile applications.

When you need a mobile app for your business, we will take care of it comprehensively. From the idea that you present to us in any form, through workshops that will allow you specify the scope of desired functionalities, to the creation of mockups, coding and implementation of the application in your company.

Appwise Software House

iOS and Android mobile apps

We create mobile applications in Flutter technology or in native languages ​​for iOS and Android.

Web/desktop application

We create Web applications in modern technologies like JAVA, PHP, React, Angular and Vue.js technologies

Administrative panels

For your business to function well, you need an equally efficient administrative panel.

What does the process of creating a mobile app look like?

We know from experience that creating a mobile app for your company is a big challenge. Therefore, based on our experience, we propose an approach that will make it easier, faster and more predictable to create the mobile app you need with us.

1. Project overview

This is a short consultation during which we will quickly discuss what is to be done and get to know each other!

2. Workshop with the team

We will involve our team so that they can better understand your idea - this will greatly facilitate further work.

3. Concept of implementation

On the basis of the workshop, we will prepare our analysis on how to make a given project and we will also make an initial valuation.

4. Mockup

This is the stage where you will see what your mobile app will look like from individual screens to the entire user flow.

5. Coding

This stage is usually divided into short, two-week sprints at the end of which we show what we have done.

6. Tests

After every two weeks, you will be provided with a part of the mobile app for testing.

7. Implementation

When everything is ready - we publish and deploy the mobile app in Google Play and iOs AppStore.

8. Maintenance

The project is finished, but if you want we can also take care of system maintenance.

9. Further development

New ideas? Perfect, we will plan further work with a proven team.

Create a mobile app, with us!

You have just an idea? Or maybe the project and specification are ready? Great! Let's talk and we will help you create a dedicated system for your company.
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This is how we work

We create mobile applications as well as entire systems that will allow you to manage and use it in your business. We offer solutions tailored to your needs. To manage the mobile application, users, payments or content, you will need an administration panel or a connection to external APIs? We will help with that. Do you have a ready idea and application design? We can take care of its implementation.


Thanks to the fact that our applications are coded in a Flutter, we can deliver them at one price for iOS and Android. Our clients like it!

Full Service

From specification, mockups and graphics design to coding and implementation to the platform.


We can help you with both flutter application development as well as good UX design.


We will provide you with solutions that not only meet your expectations but also allow for further development of the application.


We will adapt to your budget by proposing solutions that fulfill your vision whilst cost-efficient.

Mobile apps that we have implemented

FITANKA – mobile application for WordPress

Sprawdź realizacje!

I-GYM Reservation system for unmanned gym

Sprawdź realizacje!

MobilGO – Carsharing for taxis

Sprawdź realizacje!

REVOLET – AirB&B for toilets

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