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Case study

REVOLET – AirB&B for Toilets

Our customer

REVOLET – Israeli startup with it’s goal to enable clients to rent out bathrooms in public places.

Tasks and goals

  • Full system for an Israeli startup with it’s goal to provide users the ability to rent public toilets.
  • Mobile application for the client enables them to find the closest bathroom, calculate the optimal route, remote lock opening, payment, and leaving a review.
  • Mobile application for the toilet owner enables them to manage their spaces, payments, availability, and their use.
  • Web application for the system administrator enabling complex management of the system, partners, users, and payments.
  • Custom integration with payment processing provider with the ability to add card details within the app.
  • Tracking user location and calculating the optimal route to selected location.
  • Custom integration with special locks enabling remote access (hardware).


  • A custom admin platform and mobile application enabling users to rent toilets
  • Credit card payments within the app (subscriptions and one-time payments)
  • Ability to settle reimbursements between toilet owners and platform administrator
  • User geolocation and route calculating algorithm
  • Mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Web Panel giving the ability to manage the whole system



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