Appwise Software House

Case study

Technology partnership for InTheSky

Our customer

InTheSky is a marketing agency creating comprehensive image concepts for new brands and products, and rebranding recognizable companies from many business sectors. From the name, through the visual identification system, to on-line tools.

Tasks and goals

  • Comprehensive technological service for the agency,
  • Creating websites according to the delivered projects and designs,
  • Creating applications according to customer ideas and vision,
  • Proposing technological solutions that meet and exceed the expectations of clients,
  • Creating documentation, specifications, mockups as well as mockups of systems.


Thanks to cooperation with appwise software house InTheSky can focus on what they really know – creating a comprehensive brand image. We, as their technological partner, support them with everything that is associated to IT and software. Thanks to this, InTheSky Agency does not have to employ programmers or base it’s projects on untimely and uncertain freelancers.

As appwise, we guarantee timeliness, quality, and a high degree of security. You don’t have to hire your “IT specialists” to have the best IT department in your company!


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