We develop dedicated booking systems

Appwise software house offers effective booking systems for businesses that allow customers to book services or products directly through a website or app. These platforms allow customers to select their preferred date and time, and offer payment and invoicing options. They are tailored to a company's needs and allow automation of booking processes, which streamlines work and increases efficiency. Reservation platforms are a great solution for companies that want to make the pre-sale process easier for their customers and provide a convenient and fast shopping experience.

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Aplikacje internetowe - projektowanie i modernizacja

Dedicated reservation systems

If your services require reservations – we will make the process fast and efficient. Customers directly on your site will be able to book the service, make payment, and receive an invoice.

Tworzenie dedykowanego oprogramowania dla firm

Reservation platforms based on off-the-shelf components

We will make any responsive and modern platforms for comprehensive management of reservations in your enterprise.

Platformy edukacyjne

Integration with external systems

We provide effective integration of reservation systems with external IT solutions, allowing for free flow of data and streamlined workflow.

Tworzenie sklepów internetowych

Development and maintenance of existing solutions

We offer expansion of existing solutions and maintenance and support of functioning or unfinished ideas.

Forms of cooperation

New project

A model of cooperation in which we support your project from A-Z. From technical specifications and graphic mock-ups through development to implementation.

Development and maintenance

We offer comprehensive services related to the development and maintenance of ongoing projects, including code refactoring, expansion with new modules and functionality.


We offer body leasing of developers, providing a flexible, well-qualified and highly efficient team of developers for your project.

Why choose our software house?

Appwise software house is a leader in providing effective reservation systems for various industries.

In our porftolio we have many companies for which we have developed extremely effective reservation systems, designed for individual needs and requirements of partners. Developing reservation systems by Appwise is an investment that will provide you with many benefits. We create effective tools that allow simplification of operations, easy administration, combination with other technologies, and flexibility and adaptation to the needs of the company.



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completed projects at Appwise

Completed projects in our company, the case that we really have a lot of experience in delivery.

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Why create reservation systems?

Learn about the main advantages of reservation systems.

What is worth keeping in mind when building reservation systems?

Pay attention to several aspects.

How is the cooperation going?

Project analysis

The first step in the process is a conversation with our Sales Manager, which will allow us to familiarize ourselves with your needs. We also conduct optional workshops, where we can help you clarify issues related to the project and choose the appropriate technology.


In the next stage, our team of programmers will estimate the value of your project. The quote will be broken down into individual modules that make up the project, along with the hours allocated to specific tasks. This will allow you to easily reduce or expand the scope of the project being implemented.

Project kick-off

From this point on, the Project Manager takes over the cooperation. At this stage, you will get to know the entire team that will be responsible for implementing your project. You will also receive a detailed scope and schedule of activities, so that you can easily control the entire process.


If you don’t have a graphic design, our UX/UI specialist will create it for you based on your expectations. The first stage will be the preparation of Lo-Fi mockups, and after their approval, the creation of detailed views.


We start coding your project. The software is developed based on the Agile methodology. Each project is divided into a series of weekly or bi-weekly sprints. After each sprint, approval is required to proceed with further actions. Each sprint will end with a meeting, during which we will present the results of the work done so far.


The next step in the process is testing. Our testers are responsible for ensuring high quality and reliability of the software. They perform manual and automated tests to ensure that the solution is in line with your vision.

Production deployment

Deployment is the phase in which the project is deployed to the server specified by the client, to make it available and visible to end users.

Warranty service

We provide a comprehensive warranty service for our solutions. In this way, you can be sure that your system will run smoothly and trouble-free.

Project Development

At Appwise, we offer optional product development services. If you want to enrich your project with additional features and modules in the future, we will support you comprehensively in this process.


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